Yuvarajan Periyan
Uno Advisers Sdn Bhd

“Smart Finance is a platform that bridges members of the public with licensed financial planners of their preferences. On top of that, having the toolkits doesn’t only aid the users but also benefits planners to advise better. Overall, as a planner and a user of this platform, I would gladly recommend this to my fellow peers and friends.”

Idham Idris
Director, Corporate Treasury Investment Services
Wealth Vantage Advisory

“I recently had the opportunity to attend FINPLAN4U as an observer, supporting my team of financial planners who were offering consultations. What struck me most about this event was its genuine commitment to financial empowerment. The public had access to real financial planners, receiving advice tailored to their unique situations in an environment free from sales pressure. This approach not only demystifies financial planning but also directs people towards reliable advice, steering them away from potentially harmful financial decisions. It’s initiatives like these that reinforce the value of sound financial guidance and the importance of seeking it from the right sources.”

Lim Hooi Hooi
Director and Co-founder of Coreplus Advisory Sdn Bhd

“Thank you to Mr Ooi and Ms Nieza for their effort to initiate the Smart Finance – Cohort 2 for licensed financial planners.
Managed to get 19 leads throughout the 2 weeks campaign. 16 Free Financial Health Consultations sessions were conducted and 2 signed up.
The majority of attendees were sincere in their engagement and valued the opportunity for Free 1 to 1 financial consultation. Beyond potential business prospects arising from those seeking more systematic and comprehensive financial life coaching, we believe the campaign has contributed meaningfully to enhancing the attendees’ financial literacy and their overall financial well-being. Looking forward to SmartFinance’s upcoming financial literacy projects. “