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FPAM advocates that practicing financial professionals across all disciplines must always strive to maintain their technical competence and fulfil the profession’s ethical obligations. Our continuing education courses for our Associate and Certified Members also strive to provide professionals from the financial industry knowledge and understanding of Financial Planning and its related activities. Our courses are recognized by both SC and BNM for continuing education requirements.

  • Successful people go above and beyond the call of duty in anything they do. Being in the unit trust industry for over 14 years, I aspire to “add value" for my clients. I practice my profession with a passion beyond rudimentary salesmanship. The CFP Mark is a positive influence on my career as it certifies that I am knowledgeable and qualified to assist investors with their financial goals. I can give them value-added services more than that of a general consultant.
    Visithra A/P Amirthalingam
  • I have obtained the CFP mark since 2015. I’m very glad that I have completed the globally recognized CFP course as it gives me the professional recognition in the financial industry. CFP mark ultimately enables me to be licensed as a fee-only financial planner so that I can practice and provide professional, independent & unbiased advice to clients and help them to fulfill their life goals.  
    Loo Fong Yee
  • I left the financial industry after almost a decade, to move into a field that I was more passionate in - education & training. Even though my new profession did not require me to have the CFP, I still retained the mark as it was a loving reminder of my previous career & my commitment to promoting financial literacy in the community & the people around me. I also found the knowledge I gained during the grueling 6 modules to be helpful when I was conducting corporate training for companies who are from the financial industry, as well as, the public workshops I conducted that was centered around personal development which also involved money management & wealth planning. I truly believe that the CFP mark is worth retaining as it brings confidence to members of the public as the gold standard in the industry & is internationally recognized for its commitment to professionalism.
    Joel See Pih Liang
  • I have been in the financial industry for the past 8 years. After obtaining my CFP certification, I strongly believe that knowledge in financial planning is very important as it provides an individual with the tools and strategies to manage their finances effectively. By understanding the principles of budgeting, saving, investing, and tax planning, individuals can make firm decisions, set achievable financial goals, and build a solid foundation for better future financial security.
    Ong Hun Nee
  • FPAM CFP course has sparked my interest to consider transitioning into becoming a Financial Planner. The curriculum has allowed me to evaluate problems critically and holistically by developing new perspectives and generating unique solutions to problems prior to joining the industry. The class which is small in size, has allowed interactive learning with peers and gaining new insights from the industry partitionist.
    I take this opportunity to encourage those who are interested to join the industry and existing partitionists to equip themselves with this recognized global certification program to strengthen their competencies, and code of ethics and raise their professional standards to outshine others. Do remember, “Growth and Comfort do not coexist”.
    Wong Choon Wai

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