Elaine Aisyah
Founder of Era Advisory

“Having obtained my CFP certification in 2020, I’ve been carrying out my day-to-day financial advisory duties with a lot of job satisfaction. To me, the CFP certification has equipped me with a lot of knowledge which helps me to provide comprehensive financial planning advisory services to my clients. Not only that, the CFP certifications also enhance my credibility and strengthen my self confidence in carrying out my tasks.

Being a CFP practitioner, I truly like the emphasis on the importance of ethical behaviour and fiduciary responsibility. This commitment to high ethical standards has not only instilled trust and confidence in my clients but has also set a standard for my professional conduct. As we practice to put the client’s best interests first, which very much aligns with my dedication in providing objective driven and unbiased financial advice.

In brief, obtaining the CFP certification is a transformation in my career and a very encouraging experience. Being in the network with many other CFP practitioners also provides me with a very good and positive learning platform to elevate my knowledge and my expertise. It enforces my commitment to serving clients with a high level of competence and integrity. I am glad and proud to endorse the CFP designation to anyone who is seeking a rewarding and impactful career in the financial advisory field.”

Dr Joshua Ling Chuan Yuan
“Before I transitioned to being a financial advisor, I was an emergency room doctor. Consequently, after changing careers, I was determined to become a professional fund advisor. The CFP course allowed me to access more comprehensive financial planning, broadening my perspective on wealth management and enabling me to think from the clients’ point of view about what is the most suitable financial plan for them. Becoming a financial planner has also helped me gain more trust from clients, significantly boosting my conversion rate!”
Choon Yee Sheng

“I extend my sincere gratitude to the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) for offering the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification Programme and organising invaluable workshops. As a Licensed Financial Planner and proud FPAM member, these resources have been instrumental in enhancing my financial knowledge and refining my skills. The comprehensive curriculum and interactive workshops not only facilitated my CFP certification and personal professional development but also provided continuous learning opportunities. FPAM’s commitment to elevating the standards of financial planning in Malaysia is commendable, and I am truly grateful for the pivotal role it has played in my professional development. Thank you for fostering excellence in the financial planning community.

Marconi Sim Hock Ching
“Through my managerial experiences in both past oil fields and the current insurance business, I quickly learned the importance of having a solid understanding of finance for everyone. The CFP programme has been a valuable resource, providing me with a network of professionals who are committed to efficient financial planning and practical skills. The knowledge I have gained from CFP professionals in the field has been eye-opening and has enhanced my understanding of financial nuances. The CFP certification has made it possible for me to help others with complex financial concerns, as it has become a life skill. Assisting individuals in preparing their financial futures is a great joy, and the FPAM online training continually strengthens my expertise. The CFP programme is a life-changing opportunity that I strongly recommend for anyone seeking to advance both personally and professionally.”